Clean Ocean Technology

"Aquarius fibreglas is an authorized agent in India for M/s DVZ-services" Germany who is a leading supplier of environmental protection technology in the field of Maritime & Industrial use. Products are as given below:

Sewage Treatment Plant

System Features:
  • Developed using the state-of-the-art "Submerged fixed bed bio-film process".
  • Type-tested in accordance with IMO Res. MEPC (VI) annex IV.
  • Approved by the US Coast Guard for non-US flag vessels.
  • Use of all-aerobic sewage treatment method prevents methane gas forming.
  • Problem-free operation, low operating costs.
  • Non-sensitive to long shutdown periods doe to continuous activated sludge return flow.
  • Can be used in gravity systems and all vacuum systems
  • Fixed bed bio-film process produces excellent treatment results
  • Up to 15 times more activated sludge area than conventional systems
  • Custom-built systems for limited space availability or retrofitting.

System Description:

The DVZ-SKA "BIOMASTER" system has been developed using the state-of-the-art "submerged fixed bed bio-film process". The advantage of this treatment method is its extremely large reactive area, whicj is up to 15 times larger than that of conventional systems. Within a short time this area is occupied by active micro-organisms, thus forming a so-called sheet of bio-mass. The sewage to be cleaned has flow through this bio-mass and is cleaned using organic methods. The supply of small oxygen bubbles aerobically stimulates the organisms into extreme activity. Disgested sludge formation is prevented by continuously feeding avtivated sludge back into the active system. The return flow of activated sludge also compensates for an intermitted supply of supply of sewage and allows shutdown periods of approx. 1 week without the bio-systems breaking down.

The intrinsic dynamics of the bio-film process are one of its major advantages, i.e. no activators or the like are required to start up the system since the active micro-organisms naturally develop from the sewage.

According to international regulations (MARPOL 74/78), raw ship's sewage must not be released into coastal waters or so-called "restricted areas". Ship's sewage from toilets and urinals is designated "black water". "Grey water" is all other water from baths, showers, washbasins and the galley. Galley waste water is fed to the sewage treatment system via a fat separator (DVZ-FT).

"Grey water" does not need to be treated, but merely made germ-free by means of disinfecting.

Oily Water Separator

System Features:
  • Pump can be used optionally as separate transfer pump.
  • Compact Design.
  • Easy installation.
  • Type approved acc. to IMO Resolution MEPC 107 (49).
  • Optional with type approved FSU bypass function.
  • Capacities from 150 I/h up to10 t/h.
  • JET-WASH oil drainage.
  • Available in stainless steel design, antimagnetic and shock-proved.
  • Flexible installation by separate installed feed pump

System Description:

An intelligent interplay of coalescence and fine separation relaises an oil content of lesss than 15 ppm according to IMO Resolution MEPC 107 (49) in treated water. This limit value is continuously monitored and recorded by an oil-in-water monitor installed on the separator.

Needless to say that the well-known features like JET-WASH oil drainage and self-cleaning coalescer are just as much standard features of the DVZ-FSU-"OILCHIEF" as are automatic mode and low maintenance cost.

The flexible plant concept of the DVZ-FSU-"OILCHIEF" allows the pump to be used separately, e.g. in the case of high suction height or as transfer pump.

The new types of fine separation filter cartridges developed in our laboratory distinguish themselves by a high service life and a high operational reliability. The special surface of the filter cartridges enhances the coalescence characteristic of the dispersed oil and allows a rising in the oil collection dome for subsequent automatic drainage.

The inseparable components in the bilge water are retained in the innovatively designed fine separation filter cartridge and allow a treatment of emulsions in accordance with IMO Test Specification. The service life of the Cartridge is obviously determined by the level of the contamination and the input concentration of the blige water. According to the physical term of 'mass balance', the service life is determined by the ratio of untreated water quality to treated water quality.

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