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Fast Rescue Boats - 09 Person

Aquarius manufacturers virtually unsinkable 09 men fast rescue boats which are highly manoeuverable at high speeds suiting rescue operations at high seas. The GRP hull makes it almost maintenance free. Due to its excellent design the power requirement to achieve high speed is low making it cost effective. The design is approved by the Director General of Shipping, Government of India and meets all SOLAS and Resolution MSC 81(70) and LSA Code as amended.

Technical Data Single Outboard Twin Outboard Waterjet
09 persons
09 persons
09 persons
L X B X H (m)

6.10 X 2.50 X 2.40

6.10 X 2.50 X 2.40

6.10 X 2.50 X 2.40
Weight 1600 kgs 1800 kg 2000 kgs
Fuel Capacity 100 ltrs 100 ltrs 100 ltrs
Propulsion Outboard petrol
Engine 1 X 60 hp
Outboard petrol
Engine 2 X 60 hp
Inboard diesel
140 - 230 hp
Speed with 3 crew 20 kn 25 kn 20-40 kn
  • Grablines fitted with wooden hand holds.
  • Boat is unsinkable and anti skid surfaces are provided.
  • All fitting made in SS or Brass.
  • Boat is self righting & self bailing.
  • Buoyant material of plyurethane foam.
  • Approved on or off load release mechanism provided.
  • Fuel tanks provided below helmsman seat.
  • The hull and the inner liner of the boat is moulded in rigid fibreglass and filled with PU foam.
  • Retro reflective tape is fitted as per SOLAS requirement.
  • Equipments provided is in accordance with requirement of LSA Code.

Approved by Directorate General of shipping Govt. Of India and meets all SOLAS and Resolution. MSC 81 (70) and LSA Code as ammended.