Life saving Appliances

life boats

rigid rescue boats

The boat is rigid hull type built in fiberglass, designed for 6 persons. It can be fitted with 15 HP OBM to 60 HP OBM. It is approved by Director General of Shipping, Government of India.

06 person fibreglass rigid rescue boats which can be fitted with optional 15-60 HP OBM. The design has the approval of the Director General of Shipping, Government of India.

life boats

fast rescue boats

Fast Rescue 9 & 15 person capacity. The boat is virtually unsinkable and highly maneuverable at speeds thus suits rescue operation on high seas. The GRP hull makes it almost maintenance free. Due to excellent design the power requirement to achieve high speed is low and makes it cost effective.

09 and 15 men highly manoeuverable fast rescue boats suitable for rescue operations at high seas. Constructed out of GRP, these boats are virtually maintenance free and achieve high speeds even at low power.

life boats

Work Boats

Work Boats with outboard motor. The boat is rigid hull type build in fiberglass, designed for 4 persons. It is fitted with 15 HP OBM and with foam filled collar. Collar is covered with Hypalon fabric. Boat is approved by Indian Register of Shipping.

life boats

Buoyant Apparatus

Buoyant Apparatus is approved by Mercantile Marine Department for 8,12 & 20 people for use.on onboard Inland vessels like Barges, Ferry Boats and Passenger vessels.

08, 12 and 20 men buoyant apparatus approved by the Mercantile Marine Department for use on inland vessels like bargers, ferry boats and passenger vessels.